The stairs creaked.

I am reading a book on the history of the Americas.


Every person is special.


I never asked Trying.

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The fire took 13 lives.


The scent of lilacs is pervading the garden.


I'm obligated to fix this.

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He thought it would be wise to accept the offer.


We have bigger problems.


We're expecting Stu any minute now.


Budapest is not Bucharest.

I don't know how much Andries makes.

Many gamblers win and lose money at the horse-race track.

The vampire was shot with a silver bullet.

I've never understood her.

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Do you have any more questions?

You think I'm not as sophisticated as you, don't you?

We've chosen a hotel near the museums.

It's not necessary to write more than 400 words.

A true scientist would not approach the question this way.

So, are you free tonight?

Do you guys want to play a game?

Gil didn't die in the crash.

Take your hat off.

Do you think Jun will hurt me?

I can do better than this.

So much has happened since that last time I saw you.

Do you have any evidence to prove him guilty?

We're not going to find her.

This is her fault.

They're of human origin.

I'm just as tired as you are.

Takayuki held the rope with a firm grip.

Valentin pried open the door.

This blog post gives us ample information on just how delusional the recording industry really is, and shows why they must be stopped.

We took an airplane from Mexico to Madrid.

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We did not see any children at all.

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I shall win the Princess!

Is that what you told her?

Sundar is suspicious.

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He dare not express his opinion.

I come when I can.

I urgently need to go to the bathroom.

Lawyers and auto mechanics are the people I trust the least.

This problem is too difficult for me to solve.


I think she is showing off her new dress to us.


Wash your face before you go to school.


Erwin was speechless for a moment.

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I'll bring Dannie to you.

Frances has been behaving a little strange.

Alexis took off running.


Bob stopped shivering.

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Konrad is very popular, isn't he?


I want her arrested for murder.

I don't have the slightest idea what to do.

I think we got it under control.

Please tell me what happened, off the record of course.

See you on the slopes at the crack of dawn!

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Shall we start the meeting now?

She's a lot better today.

Game birds abound in the area.

I don't believe that either.

Don sprang out of bed, threw on some clothes, ate breakfast and was out of the door within ten minutes.

You may want to slow down a bit.

Evan thinks there's hope.

Ever since the car accident she's felt that she's been living on borrowed time.

You have exactly thirteen minutes to finish this.

What line is he in?

This is old news to me.

This computer saves us a lot of work.

There's a storm coming.

Where can I get hold of a good tax lawyer?

The date today is 11.12.13. This won't happen again this century.


This is what I've been looking for.

Purchasing power has greatly fallen.

He sailed through the examination.


I can't finish painting this house in one day.


She's your daughter, too.


Do you have a cough?

That he should say such a thing!

I think you should be in bed.


Cris is street smart, but not book smart.

I didn't tell Ramesh about Jacob.

I'm lusting after her.

Would you like coffee?

You promise?

Would you lend me that book?

I want to spend rest of the life pursuing my ideals.

Maarten came out of the building.

What are you celebrating?


The chicken laid an egg this morning.


Do you miss your old job?


You've had a great idea.

My name is Roberto.

How many yellow flowers are there?


They would not surrender.

He is quite a nice fellow and liked by everyone.

Marian let his children stay up until eleven.

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I can't remember that now.

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Maybe you should tell Kent you don't need that.

The salts and minerals found in these mountains are quite diverse.

This part of the city is strange to me.

No one can stop me from going there.

The per capita consumption of rice of Japanese people is about half of what it was fifty years ago.

She tried that.

Every beloved object is the center point of a paradise.


Patrick sent me there.

You can rely on him.

Pull yourself together!

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Dan recognized Hon by her voice.

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France and Spain have a common border.

I'll get her home safely.

You are very cute children.

This sounds totally legit.

Priscilla Chan is the girlfriend of Mark Zuckerberg.

I just think I should try.

I'd like this meeting to last no more than twenty minutes.

You owe me a big apology.

Kate talked over the picture with Brian.


I think I get the picture.


I didn't have time for that.

My hands are tied.

The union has asked for the mediation of the government in the dispute.

I'm not your enemy, Tao.

Owen tried to win Charleen back.

Members of the board will meet for a concluding session on 03/27/2013.

Please think about it.

Just call me Ken.

Did Moses faint?

Let me take a look at this.

I told Barry that I wouldn't be at his party.

I couldn't have been more wrong.

It felt like that moment lasted an eternity.


Antibiotics are overused.


Susumu looks very pleased with himself.

Syd lived in Boston until he died.

You aren't the only one who likes baseball. Van likes it, too.

I still care.

I hope he will see me and listen to my future plans.

"Worry not, comrade, for I have a plan!" - "That worries me..."

I want to write to Lowell.

Let me make something very clear.

Pravin photographed these buildings for the exhibit.


Dale is the only one in our family who regularly attends church.


After getting downsized he started off on a clean slate and started a business working out of a home office.

Show them what you can do! Go for it!

They were going to shoot you.


I'd like to go with you, but I'm broke.

I don't know what I think.

We can't be happy together.


You're much better at French than Kemal is.


Raman chose the restaurant where we ate lunch.


Who else knows I'm here?

Is it real?

We climbed a sharp slope.