It's been a while since I've eaten cottage cheese.

When he heard the news, he was dumbfounded.

I can't stop asking myself that same question.

Alice returned home early from work with a severe headache.

You must be quite a liar.

The professor put me to sleep with all of his talk.


What you have said doesn't apply to you.

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Did you hear about her?


Wear whatever you want.

Josh is a stubborn woman.

I like apples.

This room does not get much sun.

Heidi didn't try to go any further.


You've been waiting for over three hours.

I got into a traffic jam on the expressway.

Vladislav is constantly streamlining his business plan.

Do you still need help?

I usually wear a white shirt.

How many times have I told you not to talk to Morgan?

I don't know why you just don't leave.


Do what you can for Anna.

It's right there.

To tell the truth, he is not a human being.

That was a very kind act.

She's weak, powerless. A mere human.

We'll phone our mother-in-law.

My shoes are completely worn out.

I'm gonna shoot him.

A Mr Williams came to see you yesterday.

Do you think that really matters to any of us?

How small a screw do you need?

She turned down my proposal.

What would driving a car be without doom metal?

The capsule won't come out.

I'm going to follow them.


You don't have to be embarrassed.

I have no backup plan.

I just wish I could sleep.

Murat is in the copilot seat.

I have to stop that from happening.

Arthur was obviously very drunk.

I must be on my way.

Egoists do not meet, they collide with each other.

Management tried to appease labor by offering them a bonus.


The food is horrible.

They belong to an association.

She advised me to go there.

I suggest you talk to Deb about how to handle the situation.

He was surprised to hear the news.

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I'm wearing some foundation, a bit of blush and some eyeliner.

His misspelling of that word eliminated him from the contest.

I liked to add sentences in Spanish.

A penny for your thoughts.

She felt a sigh of relief when she got the work done.

Clem introduced himself.

How does that actually work?

Let's focus on getting this done.

I need a knife.

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He came near to being drowned in the river.

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Who is younger, Geoff or Merril?


Why was your phone off?

You may as well take a nap as read such a magazine.

I don't know why you need it.

You talk about Mann too much.

I mean to be there this evening.

Harmon is still out of the town.

My daughter likes egg yolks.

He's always somewhat tired and anxious, his eyes only shine a dim blue-gray light.

I thought about all the stories my father had told me.


I've already made it.

Maybe nobody wants to leave.

It doesn't even matter.

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Takeshi is making great progress with math.


I'm satisfied with my work.

Well, when exactly?

We'll wait outside.

I'm sick of eating fast food.

Sergeant and Dawn seemed to get along.

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I'm not to blame for everything that has happened.

I bought two bags of popcorn.

Nate is now almost as tall as his father.

When do they play soccer?

I always get along well with him.


Let me speak to Annard.

Oh, you poor thing.

Knute says it'll only take a minute.

It looks like Sanjeev has had a few too many drinks.

That may be a misunderstanding.

Your only duty is to save your dreams.

I guess you will be very busy tonight.

We should observe the speed limit.

Cristi's the only guy in this class.

She cursed loudly.

Brian, I'm serious.

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Morgan is in the kitchen cooking.


Good-bye and good luck.

Life is full of confusing things.

Halloween is just around the corner.

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Don't obey that man.

I can't hear myself!

Jock is the one who usually takes out the garbage.

I have the feeling that since last Sunday morning, years have gone by.

Do you know this man's name?

Confess right now!

So you are back again.

I have to ask you about Kees.

We tend only to notice the details that concern us.

I don't want to bore you.

I think Hector is responsible.

Are you really that desperate?

Hirofumi didn't answer at once.

Audrey is a decorated war hero.

Put medicine out of the reach of children.

I cannot accept.

He will come afterwards.

She's a complete bitch.

I'm occupied at the moment.

Here are my grandmother's dentures.

I didn't know it back then, but I know it now.

I am not as fast as you.

Sidney gave Darin his jacket and she hung it up.

Maybe I can answer your question.

He scored 85 on the exam.

You will remain silent until further instructed.

I'll have her come here.

I saw a plane.

He wants an iPad 4.

At this point, I'm unable to comment on that problem.

Be nice to Norm.


Humans are sentient beings.

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He deserves our reverence.

It's not safe to text while you drive.

Some fish fly.

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One moment please, someone knocks on the door.

I'm sure Narendra is aware of that.

One should not make fun of others.

We've got to do something.

We will study the chemistry behind fertilization.

I don't believe in spells and charms.

I think she is used to walking to and from work every day.

We just have to swallow it.

I was right about them.


He is a self-professed linguaphile who speaks Serbian, English, German, Igbo, and French.

Teriann will call you every day.

If you act like a child, you'll be treated like a child.

Did you get your wish?

He's stupid and arrogant.

It did happen.

Malaclypse and Vernon like to gossip about celebrities.

Now that you have finished your job, you are free to go home.

I'm sorry to bother you at home.

He likes both Esperanto and Interlingua.

I don't like this model but I'll have to make do with it.

Can you see anything in there?

I appreciate you calling me.


Toufic is with them.

She's still dependent on her parents.

He spoke very well.

I'll vouch for Merton.

Wherever you say, Ramiro.

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Suwandi, can you take over?

He showed off his new car.

He looked around the house.

English is always considered an international language.

Life ain't easy.


We've got to fix it.

This flower is the most beautiful in the garden.

My brother is a good skater.


We were introduced.


The football game is now in action.

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No matter how I racked my brain, I couldn't remember that name.