He appears to be strong and healthy.


I don't like touching dead bodies.

I wish I had a lot more money.

Mr. Murray is challenging the call on the right far service line. The ball was called out.


That would be a lie.

I need help untying this boat.

There Akai joins them and it becomes a free-for-all in front of the finish line.

Who wants to kill you?

I think fashion models today are too thin.

Please do it using what you think is the best method.

I think they like me.

Stefan has lost his umbrella.

I'm here for you.

Shel picked the stuff up off the floor.

The burglar gained access to the house through this door.

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As the bus was late, I took a taxi.

I'm not surprised by this.

There will be a Force 3 wind tomorrow.

The poor man was stretched out on the ground, unconscious.

Soldiers must carry out their orders.

Nothing is worse than war.

Forget the last line.

How can we meet new people?

The boys are all the same age.


I have a mild pain here.


She was jolly well made to pay.

Apart from making love and reading Flaubert, nothing is more enjoyable than coining translations on Tatoeba.

Dan repeatedly raped Linda.

The journalist was kidnapped by terrorists.

Their faces looked inhuman, covered with scarlet and black paint.

I thought the game was over.

I've done what you wanted me to do.

The street is too narrow for trucks.

The room is cleaned by Amigo.

Nobody was around.

I didn't notice when he left the room.

That doesn't surprise me.

She did come here.

Evan never cheats.

A summary of his speech was printed in the newspaper.

Fame is a magnifying glass.

You'll get a clear picture with this antenna on the roof.

I'll tell her this afternoon.

We'll use anything we can.


Jerry thought Tobias knew where to buy black pepper.

She is bathing the baby.

The suits in a standard deck of cards are clubs, diamonds, hearts and spades.


Agatha is somewhat concerned.

We have to conclude that the policy is a failure.

Was he really that bad?


Ro said I was rude.

Your password has just been sent. Check your email.

There were several deaths from drowning.

I go to bed at ten every day.

Novo is still single, isn't he?

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I haven't opened the package yet.

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These are beautiful horses.


Fire burns.

Japan is an extremely noisy country.

Your things are all here.


You really won't find a better specialist in the Boston area.

It didn't cause nightmares.

Neil's charming.

Sri doesn't have much time to waste.

Andre can't leave work today until six o'clock.


I'm getting farsighted as I get older.

I saw no other choice.

The number of minority seats in the Lower House is rapidly eroding.

I'll try not to doze off.

What are you guilty of?


What is her shoe size?


Cathy was escorted out of the hospital.


The sheets were changed yesterday.

I'll never forget tonight.

Come on, Sergei, aren't you just a little bit curious?


Rakhal doesn't have any friends to talk to.

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No fewer than 50 passengers were killed.

Did Isidore have dinner?

The Internet is now something we can't live without.


The library is open to all students.

Live and let live.

I was born and grew up in Matsuyama.

The researcher suggested promising directions for treating the cancer.

Those doesn't often get depressed.

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Gregor made it very clear that he didn't want us to be here.

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"When are you gonna call me in? These tyres are fucked!" "Don't worry there, Lewis, we need to service Nico this lap, you're next lap."


With his looks, Blaine could probably have any woman he wanted.

"I can't think with that noise", she said as she stared at the typewriter.

My uncle has a flower shop near the station.

You were lucky.

He came hoping to see you.


Migrating birds are flying south.


He melts copper.


I want to know why Daniel is still not married.

Everyone watched her carefully.

Mickey died of a heart attack.

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Spudboy started talking to his girlfriend about breaking up.

I thought I'd visit Vijay in the hospital this afternoon.

It was very quick.

He has made the same mistake twice.

They were snowed in for a whole week.

When does Antonio eat breakfast?

Don't kiss me.

Better wear out than rust out.

Be sure to complete the work before you go home.


What's the minimum wage?

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We'll settle on that.

I've got nothing to say right now.

Where were you the night that Huey was murdered?


I'd rather Sir do it.

They asked Lincoln to make a victory speech.

He complained that the soup was too hot.

After an uphill struggle against great odds they finally got the company on its feet again.

I wanted to catch the bird, but I found it too difficult.


She gave clothes to the gypsies out of charity.

I wish Joel wouldn't do that.

The man who rang an hour ago was Frank.


Rogue waits for Margot.


I think they very likely won't help you.

It was stupid of me to make such a mistake.

Don and Dennis sat at the counter talking to each other.

He has strange ideas.

We decided to stay with Mwa.

Some horses were grazing in a fenced area.

Spenser's mother often scrutinizes him for every small mistake he makes.

Do you like Mozart?

Stewart's constant complaining annoys me.

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Let him take a look at it.

Oh wow, she's fast.

The group disbanded.

One hair of a woman draws more than a team of oxen.

Look at the girl with the long hair there.


Let me tell you about us.

She never saw her mother again.

That's my concern.

Clare and Hume are both thirty.

The beggar was dizzy with hunger and fatigue.

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I think my Japanese is really bad.

It's not worth reading any further.

Of course that's the way it is!

Is that what you want to talk to me about?

I couldn't stop myself.


They are engaged in cancer research.

Heather is anxious about his future.

They prayed that their daughters would forgive them.


Tell him I need some money.

Maybe you should also ask.

He was here at that time.

How long have you been planning this wedding?

How did you deal with the matter?

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Sangho might go home early today.

I'm all packed and ready to go.

One dog and two people are jumping.


An opponent of limited dimensions can often be quite diverting.

You look lost.

I need three hours to write this letter.

This is by no means light work.

You like snow, don't you?

When Liisa sees that you've broken the cup, you'll catch it.

We have all the information we need.