What Healthy Anatomy does for your body

By using holistic and medical wellness approaches, and seamlessly integrating healthy habits into your lifestyle or company work culture, we coach and heal the body as a whole.

Health and Fitness Coaching

We have a wide range of resources and knowledge--from group fitness courses to food education to personalized physical training--that helps you bring exercise and nutrition into your daily life.

Holistic Wellness and Preventative Care

Our coaches are certified to conduct physical evaluations, and give you access to scientific and medical information, and the best preventative care approaches. We care about your health stasis, and supplement basic fitness and nutrition, with other imperative physical therapies.

Medical Partnerships

If our coaches can't give you the exact help you need, Healthy Anatomy helps you find the medical professional that can! We partner with doctors that you can trust to provide quality care, heal your body, and restore your balance!

Why have Healthy Anatomy in your life?


From preventative health to rehabilitation, we have the answers to all of your health questions. Pairing our qualified coaches, with our professional medical partners, you're ensured to always get the best health care advice and service.


Our team works one-on-one to build the health program that you, or your company, needs.


Where do you need us to be? To achieve a motivated and consistent environment we can meet you in parks, in your kitchen, or come on-site as your go-to-concierge of corporate wellness.


We're an all-in-one health consulting service, so you can downsize your professional health network and cut extraneous health costs.

Our Coaches

Adrianne Trujillo

Wellness Director

"I'm here to set you up! From kickball games and meal plans to health management programs... there's so much room for activities."

Kari Jaffe

Yoga Instructor - Hot8 Yoga - LA

"My style of teaching is mechanical and super anatomically driven. I'm extremely compassionate, but always demanding. I firmly believe that your breath is guiding you. It's always breath first, form second, and the two together will unlock the magic of your practice."

Julianne Aerhee

Yoga Instructor - Green Monkey - MIA

"I live curiously and boldly, on and off my mat. I live with an understanding that every moment is a gift and strive to inspire others to find their freedom to truly BE through movement and breath."

Alex Pecorella

Fitness Instructor - Barrys Bootcamp - LA

"Your character is defined by what you do when nobody is watching... but I'll be watching."

Kalikia Dugger

Theta Healer & Spiritual Advisor

"By empowering my clients to fully embody and take responsibility for their own healing work or Labor/Birth processes, we can make lasting shifts in perception and experience."

DJ RyToast

Vibe Manager

As Chuck D once reminded, "You maybe 18, but to an 8 year old you are an OG." Know yourself. Know your worth. Share your wisdom. Listen."


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