This surface is rugged.

You dialed the wrong number.

It would be difficult to improve the device when there is no effective catalyst.


Ned didn't disagree.


She was friends with both Lewis and Clare.


Did you see her today?

Rich people have fat cats.

I want to see your bed made.

How much did you pay me?

My husband was behind me every step of the way.

He who is unable to live in society, or who has no need because he is sufficient for himself, must be either a beast or a god.

I don't know anybody who can speak French.

Several people have noticed this problem.

This fruit smells nasty.

What was about to happen?

We don't have to be here.

My father does nothing but watch TV on Sundays.

No one seems to be telling the truth.

I wanted to help you.

You should seclude him from temptation.

Everybody was bright at the party.

You mustn't keep a lady waiting.


"Hold your tongue!" Sharan cried, and Liisa said no more.

This plant is good to eat.

Please show me what to do next.


I'll always remember the first time I saw him.

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Do you think you can get me to Union Station by a quarter after?

I take it you're not surprised.

I want you to stay on the beach.

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I don't want you knocking on my door at two in the morning.

Andreas doesn't suspect a thing.

I heard you were looking for a plumber.


This growth ought to be removed immediately.

Excellent putt.

Ok, everyone has left to go file a patent!


He stood with his hands in his pockets.

You are required to wear a suit and tie to work, aren't you?

Dalton cruised down Park Street in his new sports car.


Alejandro is just an average-looking guy.

He made as if to say something, but instead kept quiet.

We all enjoyed the movie.

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You're turning thirty.

She is a psychic.

William will be there for a few days.


Can't we just pretend this didn't happen?


I'd accept.

When you're done with the book, put it back where you found it.

Ask Presley if he'll attend the meeting.


My mother has it in for me.


It's much easier dealing with animals than humans sometimes, well, most of the time, actually.

Skef ran into the woods.

I want you to let them live.

We traveled in South America.

Colin has always wanted to be a nurse.

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No man escapes death.

Have a good week!

She was arrested.

I don't see anything.

What do you think of it, Roberto?

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What you said convinced me.

Kerri argued with Vern about the matter.

A blister rose on one of her left fingers.

All the comments are superfluous.

In that country I was a foreigner and was treated as such.

Shall I cook dinner for you?

You're absolutely right about that.

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Both words can be used according to the preference of the user.

We waited for Laurence, but he didn't come.

That was the first time that he not only heard her, but also saw her.


All of you are welcome to bring your spouses to my party.

Let's wait for a while and see how you do.

I went up to my bedroom on tiptoe.


Blair didn't remember what had happened.

Those are the properties that she owns.

Don't disappoint yourself!

Nick was the winner.

Prakash is baking a pizza.

I had a marvelous time last night.

Their wedding is tomorrow.


I've seen things.

The car is old but in good condition.

How can we trust on this plan if it is talked about in such overblown terms?.

Now we have to create one in two weeks.

Do you have grandchildren?

Even though he is learned, I can't respect him.

That's so creepy.

Jacobson says he'll never go back to Boston.

Red doesn't look good on Dani.

There is no one in the house.

What a beautiful dive!


The revolution won't be sober.

The lion roars.

Please have your boarding pass ready. Thank you.


I was so wrong about them.

It was so romantic.

Do you want to see my baby?


Manuel never shows up on time.


I have three chickens in my house.

Tell me more about what happened.

Please give me a sheet of paper.


Is it cold in Germany?

Clarence will call her mother-in-law.

Sylvan hasn't told me anything.


The boy stroked the girl on the chin and kissed her on the cheeks.

Ahmed usually wears silk pajamas.

The plan was being discussed.

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Blayne shouldn't be allowed to do that.

Were you sleeping?

Kyu was out of town yesterday.

I've been adequately punished.

We had a long discussion about what to do about it.

It occurred to me that the man was trying to cheat me out of my money.

Don't say anything unless it's important.

Curt didn't notice it.

I plan to stay there one week.


It wasn't easy to convince Andrew to do that.

If you need anything, just call.

Maybe I shouldn't have stayed up so late last night.


We address each other as "vous".

I need to talk to her now.

He works for a telecommunications company.


Please hold the line.

Don't let me die!

Wolf hit a bogey.


Are you confident?


He achieved a throw of seventy meters.

Do you know where we are?

Little did I dream that we would expand our business to the U.S.


What could Gerard have been thinking?

I should have known better than to believe him.

I normally get off work at about 8 o'clock in the evening.

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She was disappointed in love.

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There's a man here that wants to see you.

He's probably wrong.

I knew we could count on her.

I am not so happy.

I'll catch up with you guys later.

My memory is failing; I can never seem to remember even the simplest of instructions.

We dined at a restaurant.

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Annard has to go to school.

Laurie was brokenhearted.

Orville just got a promotion.

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You'll never see me back here again.

He has no reason to be late.

I object to being treated like a child.

We saw them do it.

Jim raised his hand.

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In my language, the "," is called comma, the ";" is called semicolon, ":" is called colon, "..." are called ellipsis, and this sentence ends with a period.


You aren't going to tell Ramiro, are you?

Over the next fifteen years, architects, planners and community developers will work together to transform 346 acres of industrial wasteland into 6,500 homes, two shopping centres, a marina, a primary school and college, and parkland.

You drank a beer at lunch, didn't you?

Diane and Heidi are busy.

I already miss her.


Give me back my wallet.


We have absolutely nothing to gain.

We discussed the problem freely.

He bought a book and gave it to his father.