Her name was not known.

She is at the office.

He is Chinese?

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We aren't happy to see them.

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Yesterday I simply did not go to work.

They have two cats.

These pictures are beautiful.


He always behaved badly to me.


However, this prohibition does not apply if you use an air rifle, air pistol, or 22- caliber rimfire firearm for the control of listed birds.

We were all disappointed by the game.

What do you think so far?

I have told Sriram over and over again not to make fun of Saul.

You and Straka are welcome to stay for dinner.

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Does it bother you if I smoke?

You have "lies" written all over your face.

We shouldn't be on the list.

The Romans would never have had the chance to conquer the world if they had first been required to study Latin.

The mind always loves to tack on to something, and when it doesn't have anything good for that purpose, it turns to the evil.

I'm sorry about what I said before.

Rahul didn't come to get Shai.


Let's see what you can do.


Bring me a piece of chalk.

Somebody killed him.

I've found an apartment.

He nudged me to go ahead.

It is the students' duty to clean their classrooms.


What kind of weapons did they have?

Let's hope we can avoid this problem in the future.

According to the weather forecast, the rainy season will set in next week.

It's possible that we won't be able to get to Boston in time for the wedding.

We want to go back to Boston to visit Spyros again.

He comes from Genoa.

Nicolas has a blue car.

Julie is going to pay for everything.

I sat on something and broke it.

I beat one.

Would you please lend me your dictionary?

It looks like we might have good weather today.

Before I die, in addition to my last will and testament, I want to write a love letter as well. No matter how shameful it may be, I don't have to be ashamed anymore.

While I breathe, I hope.

Martyn is investigating.


You've really thought of everything.


I'll write my address down for you.

I'll miss you, too.

Don't let Oskar sit here.

I don't think Kathy can hear us.

The hardest part is already over.

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"Wayne, it's said you've lost your hearing aid." "Nope! I don't like Mexican food."

I'm helping you.

Dean is holding a bottle of beer.

You think that TV is bad for kids?

Tell them to get ready to leave.

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You're not going to like it.

We put the world at your fingertips.

You should attend more to what your teacher says.

Dorian came by car.

Many miners are afraid that the mine will be closed down soon.


I heard you fell and hurt yourself.


The Japanese destroyed Pearl Harbor.

Wolf just called to thank us.

I don't find the formula.

Olof didn't call.

If he hadn't taken that flight then, he would be alive now.


We must make it!

I'll move the solar panel from the balcony to the roof in due course.

I go to the library two or three times a week.

My grandfather is living on a pension.

My uncle has lived in Paris for ten years.

I'm trying to figure out what to do next.

What do you think is down there?

You need to calm down.

When was the last time you stayed at a hotel?

What part of Betty Grable's anatomy was famously insured for $1,000,000?

She winked at him.


When do you have to file your income tax returns?


Mr Kondo is the most hardworking in his company.


I don't really want to eat Chinese food tonight.

Will you still drink water?

Martha was exiled to a penal colony.


I see the point of the argument.


I go to the library every other day.

Daniele was eliminated.

Didn't anyone tell you?

They like apples.

Don't leave me alone with her.

Christopher called Carsten over.

I am in the soup.


Fewer young people know how to write in longhand.


Alex used the new knife Eric had given him to cut the vegetables.


What will it profit Europe if it gains the whole world yet loses its soul? Europe is in danger of losing its soul.

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I think you're very talented.

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She has a strong dislike of insects.

I appreciate everything Amos has done for us.

Angela looked at the photograph.

Are you asking my opinion?

In Spanish they use upside down question marks.

He is awesome.

This doesn't make any sense to me.

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The police detective said that all of the doors and windows were locked from the inside.

In her notebook, she drew a copy of the picture that was in the book.

I need hand lotion.

We had no drinking water.

I spent the whole night trying to fall asleep.

Romain may never recover the use of his legs.

The whole city is in panic.


Now there's a whole new set of problems.

Father can swim, but Mother cannot.

He is absent from school.

My mother never taught me how to do laundry.

I got an ink blot on this form.

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That boy is speaking English.

He has a tight schedule.

We've been in Boston for quite a while.

I will visit Kyoto.

He commands the respect of a king.

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Don't put the knife in your mouth.

It's time to wind up.

I told you I was doing that.

Rand wanted to make a mix CD of music for Edmond, but all he had were DVD blanks.

I wish I could live in a house like this.


Pierce and Erik both like old movies.

The greater part of the money was spent.

Cristopher never fully recovered from his injuries.

Please say hello to Pilot.

Paul has dry hair.


Pierre isn't looking at Hank.

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Come on, let's go get a drink.

Many of the world's best chefs are male.

All we need is a little more time.


Rajendra doesn't think doing this is worth our time.

Batman is riding his batmobile.

The cause of his death was a car accident.

How long have Anatole and Marie been dating?

Naresh was injured in the blast.

She borrowed the ruler.

Where did you get those keys?

Nod your head if you understand.

Don't ask me to choose between you and my children.

Why are you stuttering?

This may change next year.

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Ignore that.

Who did Linda run away with?

Rebecca's dead.

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It's too hard.


The police continued their investigation.

Tait replied that he'd be glad to go.

Louiqa looks a little unsure.


I think that Stephanie has some hidden superpowers.

I feel like the window was open all night.

Footprints were left on the floor.

He notified me that he would start at three.

I don't know how long this situation is going to last.


Belinda climbed over the fence.

She fell from the train platform, dangerously.

Axel thinks this is a mistake.

Don't use the table next to the window.

I started this job an hour ago.

I brush my teeth after eating.

Who else could've done it?


She was willing to do anything to save her daughters.