“Pixel Approximate Entropy” technique quantifies visual complexity by providing a score that automatically identifies difficult charts; could help users in emergency settings to read data at a glance and make better decisions faster.


The gender gap in technology is growing, and it’s not just for the reasons that you might expect. While access to opportunity – or rather the lack thereof – is often pointed to as the … 3032985316

CS Welcomes New Faculty

The department welcomes Baishakhi Ray, Ronghui Gu, Carl Vondrick and Tony Dear. Baishakhi Ray Assistant Professor, Computer Science PhD, University … 252-627-5983

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Student & Alumni News

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Kai-Fu Lee (B.S. ’83) included in WIRED’s anniversary issue for his work that brings humanity to artificial intelligence.

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has seeped into the daily lives of people in the developed world. From virtual assistants to recommendation engines, AI is in the news, our homes and offices. There is a lot of … 508-399-9750