You don't need to prepare a formal speech.

It gives you a unique perspective.


This room is used for various purposes.


He will be a doctor when he grows up.

Did you pack your bathing suit?

Tuna tried to discourage Johann from going out with John.

I respect the praying mantis as a living being!

Do you like women with large or small breasts?

What he said made us angry.

It might not be that easy.

He stood for an election.

The kids nodded obediently.


Fresh snow brought about a festive atmosphere.

He prayed that his mother would forgive him.

Why do you always take her side?


Every language is the same precious and valuable to its speakers.

You look very beautiful tonight.

I'll be raising my prices by three percent next month.

Who controls the internet?

Soohong followed Kenneth out of the hospital.


I want to give this to Trying.

The patient's condition improved.

I picked Rick up at the station.

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Serra Negra do Norte is a town in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Norte.


I need a doctor.

We're dying to meet him.

Your proposal is a bit extreme.


I am not kidding.


She was approaching thirty when I first met her.

My father is proud of being tall and handsome.

Let's take advantage of the vacation to go on a hike.


I'm not keen on this kind of music.

Some people traveled by train, and others by road.

You'd better go. It's getting late.

Cells are the building blocks of life.

The TV commercial is drawing well.

He has no less than 100 dollars.

We are both their lovers.

I wish Loyd had asked us for advice.

No person can decide when someone should die.

We're having a barbecue.

The policeman signed to me to stop.

Do you need any money?

I have always been very passionate about music.


The red light has gone off.

Marnix looks somewhat angry.

Derek is an unemployed aeronautical engineer.

Please tell me how to pronounce this word.

Why is my bag empty?

Skef meant well.

Ramsey pressed his ear against the wall to see if he could hear what his parents were discussing in the next room.


I didn't want to scare them.

It seems that something is wrong with this car.

Dani asked his family to never buy him a skydiving voucher for any of his birthdays.

The project was plagued by uncertainties from the very beginning, and the team could not draw any decisive conclusions.

He took his book.


Socorrito put his arm around Brendan's waist.

Are you afraid of her?

I'd like to check in, please.

What good will that do?

Are you the mayor?


Make him work for it.


Take her with you.

This study is my father's study.

I knew her a long time.

That's quite enough.

We regard the situation as serious.

Mosur can remember the day he first met Ricardo.

My father holds the major interest in the corporation.

I have dry skin.

This is about as large as that.

A big fire broke out after the earthquake.

He is a man of few words.

I'm not too concerned about it.

I don't believe Stanly is a spy.


You are not shorter than I.

Only a handful of activists are articulate in our union.

He says racial reconciliation and nation building will be the aims of his government.

I've never seen a scorpion.

You can go to the theatre, the cinema, or the swimming pool.


I still cry when I think about it.

You're not the only one with a job.

She kept crying all the time.

Do we know each other?

I'll give you just one more chance.

Do you think I'm too tall?

What kind of little birds are sitting up there on the little wall?

I don't think we can trust the polls to tell us what the general populace thinks about the candidates.

I haven't talked to her since.

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Before long, the ghost disappeared into a thick fog.

The team will go ahead with the plan soon.

We'd love for you to join us for dinner.

Are we catching a flight to Boston?

Is that everything you wanted?


All of these books are mine.

I still have a few gallons left.

Because novels, just like paintings, need you to practice.

I don't know what you want.

If Spy goes, I will, too.


It is said that Japan is the richest country in the world.

Was there anything else in the box?

Hurry up, and you will be in time.

Devon has decided to leave tomorrow.

Tie your shoe.


I never thought I was a good enough baseball player to make the team.


Acid fruits like pineapples and lemons are sour.

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This factory uses an integrated manufacturing system standardized from parts on through to finished products.

It is a beautiful car, but it is not worth the price that I paid for it.

Claudia told me you were a good hockey player.


What is the good of having a car if you don't drive?

I like to chat with my pals after school.

I think that there are a number of serious difficulties that need to be overcome.

Just how long do you think it'll take to get there?

I have to wait here for him.

He uses an old-fashioned razor, with shaving cream, for a closer shave.

Norma was right not to do that.


Rajiv baked three dozen cookies for Darren's party.

A good password should be difficult to guess, but easy to remember.

Somebody might've followed her.

I want to talk frankly with him.

He is two inches taller than I am.

Do you know how high the television tower is?

I pretended to be working.


Please get out of the car, sir.

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What time is your plane scheduled to leave?


I don't know if my money is enough.

The factory always made good quality shoes.

We're completely lost.

Don't go over the speed limit.

Walk more slowly.


I didn't want to hurt you.

You may be here as long as you keep quiet.

I'll be happy if you propose a better wording.

Mustafa Kemal is known by many as the father of the Turkish nation.

He still loves her.

If you'd been helpful, I would have been grateful.

Jem doesn't have anyone to lean on.

Lester and Shuvra seem happy.

It's only ten minutes' walk from here.

You've done a superb job.

We passed the Affordable Care Act to give more Americans the security of health care coverage so that not only people without health insurance could finally get it, but people who had health insurance were treated fairly, so that, for example, no insurer could charge you more just for being a woman.

I intend to hammer this idea into the student's heads.

We all live under the same sky, but we don't all have the same horizon.

Some of my friends speak English well.

I just drove down here from Boston.


Yvonne has some very strange ideas.

Roman knows your secret.

I could try to get you a ticket.

She went down the stairs.

I figured you already knew that.

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They buried her dead husband.

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I've learned a lot about modern authors.

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Now we can make plans to see each other!

There's more to Stu than meets the eye.

The work finally saw the light last month.

Marci told Stanley to leave him alone.

Joubert abandoned them.

How huge a deficit can the nation stand?

What, there's a cafe in a place like this? Was that always there?

Tigger and Edwin divided the money between themselves.

I actually haven't even met Mayo.

I thought Craig had enough money to buy everything he needed.

Ring the bell when you want me.

A stimulating new book attracts attention.

What's unusual about that?

It is our reaction to hunger that can make us overeat or eat the wrong things.

I couldn't see anything.